Timothy Aycock

Timothy Aycock

PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Aycock views life as most invigorating when we fully discover and use our unique giftedness. Whether we are children, adolescents or adults, we become most alive when we remove or minimize barriers that mask our talents. Anxiety, depression, explosiveness and disorganization can cloud our perspective. Troublesome memories may also surface and impede our journey. Dr. Aycock enjoys facilitating the growth of individuals and families and watching them soar.

Areas of Specialization

Cognitive-behavioral therapy to manage the behavior of children and adolescents (ADHD, oppositional behavior, strong-willed children)

Brain-based approaches to diminish the effects of traumatic experiences for children and adults

Empowerment techniques to remove obstacles to personal growth by reducing anxiety and depressive feelings. Dr. Aycock has extensive training in hypnotherapy which he uses to address self-defeating and change-resistant thoughts and behavior

Education & Experience

Licensed psychologist since 1995

PhD in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University

MS in Community Counseling from Georgia State University

Diploma integrating psychology and theology from the Psychological Studies Institute (recently re-named Richmont Graduate University)

BA in Psychology from Tennessee Temple University


Prior to joining A New Start Counseling Center, Dr. Aycock served for three years as Director of Counseling at John Brown University and completed his internship at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. When not in the office he enjoys Pickleball, snow skiing and clowning around. 

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