FAQs and Forms


Simply telephone our office at (770) 461-9944 and ask to make an appointment. Our administrative staff will be pleased to assist you in scheduling an appointment and providing necessary information. Please have your insurance card available when you call to schedule.

Session length is 45 to 60 minutes.

You should call the phone number on your insurance card to request information regarding outpatient behavioral health benefits. Be sure to inquire about co-payments, deductibles and authorizations required.

No, but we will be pleased to assist you by coordinating a mutually acceptable payment arrangement or by recommending alternative referral sources.

Our full fee is $150.00 per session for psychologists and psychotherapists. We accept most insurance plans and are on most insurance provider panels. Please call our office or your insurance company to verify specific coverage and costs.

Prior to your appointment you will receive an email with a link to our electronic healthcare system where you will complete all the necessary paperwork and upload a picture of your healthcare card (if applicable).

Generally, our counselors request to meet the parents or guardian for the first appointment to obtain history and current symptom information unless otherwise instructed by the front desk staff. This would change only in an urgent situation.

From 5 years through advanced years.

Ideally, counseling is concluded when the problem for which you initiated counseling becomes more manageable or is resolved. However, some insurance companies and managed care plans may limit the number of sessions for which they pay. You should check with your health plan to find out more about potential limitations in your coverage. During the first few counseling sessions, you and your counselor should discuss the estimated length of time needed to achieve your goals, in light of your particular needs.

UHC/BCBS/Aetna PPO/Cigna/PHCS/Medicare/Medicaid as well as many others. This list is frequently updated, so please contact our administrative staff or your insurance carrier with questions regarding coverage.

We are happy to accommodate your schedule changes provided we are given a minimum 24 hour notice for cancellations. Missed appointments and cancellations occurring less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment will be charged $75 for the first missed appointment and $150 for the second; the insurance company will not be billed.

We determine 24 hours by the time of your appointment. For example, if your appointment is at 8 AM on Wednesday, then your appointment needs to be cancelled by 8 AM on Tuesday. Monday appointments need to be cancelled by noon on Friday.

The counselor you are seeing allocates the appointment time that you choose solely for you. Other clients may want an appointment and could utilize the time slot in the event you are unable to keep the appointment. They will be prohibited from doing so if you do not show for the appointment or it was not cancelled with sufficient notice.

The only reason a cancellation fee would be waived is in the event of a dire emergency, an illness that requires hospitalization, a contagious condition, or a fever.

Weekdays from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, with the exception of Friday. We do not conduct administrative business on Fridays.

If this is an emergency, if you feel suicidal, or if you feel like you want to hurt yourself or someone else, call 911, call your doctor, or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

For active clients of ANSCC, we provide an after hour on-call service for life-threatening emergencies. Each of the full-time therapy staff rotates on call. Please call the office number and follow the instructions for an emergency situation.

In Georgia, as with most states, the licensure laws protect client confidentiality. As a client of ANSCC, you are guaranteed the protection of confidentiality within the boundaries of the client/counselor relationship. Any disclosure which may be required will only occur after the client or parent/guardian of the client signs a release of information which will include: the party the disclosure will be made to, the specific purpose for the release of information and the length of time for which the release will be valid. The only limitations to confidentiality occur when a counselor feels that there is clear and imminent danger to you or to others, or when legal requirements demand that confidential information be disclosed such as a court case. Whenever possible, you will be informed before the confidential information is released.

Yes, as long as appropriate releases of information are signed and current contact information for the professional is provided to the counselor by the client. Sometimes, coordinating schedules with other professionals may be difficult but we make every effort to establish contact at your request.

Please feel free to contact the administrative staff and they will be happy to assist you further.